Enabling Technologies - Diesel through Hybrid


Evelynn Stirling, Cummins Inc.

The paper/presentation will review the evolution of diesel technology from older diesel engines (1990 vintage) through to the latest technology as a result of the ever-changing emissions regulations. It will encompass the EPA Tier levels as well as the latest Euro Stage V emissions. This will  include the Cummins experience of the latest T4 Selective Catalytic Reduction product in Mining. The next step with technology will be to address the CO2 emissions, which translates to improving fuel efficiencies of the product as well as other technologies like battery electric, hybrid and fuel cells. As technology progresses it also becomes important to improve connective diagnostic systems to support maintenance practices and improve efficiencies. What will also be presented will be the key emissions changes to the different gaseous and particle mass elements as the products have transitioned from the EPA Tier 3 through to Tier 4 Final regulations.  Offering a range of different technologies to the mining market matters as not all pieces of equipment will perform optimally due to its duty cycle and application.