Elimination of Lead and Cadmium by the Fluid Column Process at Sherbrooke Metallurgical Co.

CIM Bulletin, 1967

R.F. Neider Plant Superintendent W. R. Bain Chief Chemist Sherbrooke Metollurgical Company Ltd., Dunnville, Ontario

Expanding upon one aspect of a recent paper on "Fluid Column Roasting at Sherbrooke Metallurgical Co. Ltd.," the present paper deals with the operation of the fluid column process to achieve substantial elimination of cadmium and lead during the roasting of pelletized zinc concentrates. Designed to meet the need for additional feed for Matthiessen and Hegeler Zinc Company's vertical retort zinc smelter in West Virginia, without recourse to a sintering operation, the plant is capable of simultaneously attaining very Iow lead and cadmium levels on demand, through operation in the manner described.