Electrical energy management Inco Metals Company Shebandowan Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 812, 1979

JOSEPH H. HARRIS, Supervisor of Power Operation, Inco Metals Company, T.B. ARMSTRONG, Applications Engineer, Ontario Hydro

Shebandowan Mine presents a unique opportunity for the mining industry to demonstrate its willingness and ability to use electrical energy effectively. The mine is a typical 2500-ton/day operation supplied by a 15-MVA power transformer. It is a recent, up-to-date design and operates on a four-day/week, two-shift/day basis.The paper outlines an energy profile based on historical data. It accurately describes the individual and total energy input for:(1) production and non-productive functions;(2) production and down-time periods;(3) peak and average activity levels; and(4) principal energy utilization equipment.A comparison is then made of production data to electrical data, and production and electrical data to design data. The paper concludes that energy management has an important benefit for the mining industry by assisting in maintaining a competitive operation through reduced costs and fewer production slow-downs in the event of energy shortages.
Keywords: Energy conservation, Electrical energy, Inco Metals Co., Shebandowan Mine, Control Systems.