Effects of Desulphurization Dry Additives on the Design of Coal-Fired Boiler Particulate Emission Control Systems

CIM Bulletin, 1971

A. B. WALKER, Vice-President and General Manager, Cottrell Environmental Systems, Inc., Division of Research-Cottrell, Bound Brook, New Jersey, U.S.A.

The effects of the injection of dry limestone additives into boilers for the sorption of sulphur dioxide have been studied in pilot and full-scale systems. The effects of such injections on boiler mass particulate emissions as well as collectability characteristics of the fly ash and reaction products are presented. Implications of the effects on the design and economics of particulate collectors, in particular electrostatic precipitators, are discussed.
Keywords: Additives, Boilers, Coal, dolomite, fly ash, limestone, precipitators, sulphur, Fuel, Fuels, limestone, Particulates, Precipitators, Resistivity, sulphur