Effects of aging time on the wear resistance of alumina particulate reinforced MMCs

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1069, 2003

C.-K. Fang

Aging effect on the wear resistance of alumina particulate-reinforced 6061 aluminum matrix composites with a block-on-ring wear tester has been investigated. Specimens with various Al2O3 volume fractions of 0%, 10% and 20% were employed in this work. Experimental results indicated that over-aged monolithic 6061 Al had the best wear resistance, as compared with under-aged and peak-aged conditions. For the composite containing 10% Al2O3, over-aging and peak-aging resulted in similar wear resistance, which was higher than that for under-aging conditions. For the composite containing a high volume fraction (20%) of Al2O3, the wear resistance reduced with the increase in aging time. Although longer aging time was favourable to the wear resistance of monolithic 6061 Al, it was detrimental to that for the Al2O3/6061 Al composite with high volume fraction of particles.
Keywords: MMC, Wear, Aging.