Effect of Silver, Antimony and Bismuth in Solid Solution On the Flotation of Galena

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 800, 1978

W.D. Madeley, Metallurgist, and R.S. Boorman, Head, Mineral Development and Processing Department, New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council, Fredericton, N.B.

Synthetic minerals were made from pure starting materials and galena samples were doped with the title metals. Microscopic, microprobe and X-ray examination confirmed that the dopeants were in solid solution.Paired flotations in a Hallimond-tube apparatus were performed to determine relative flotation response using Aerofloat 238 promoter. Results of these tests show that silver-doped galena floats more readily than pure galena and that galena doped with bismuth floats less readily than pure mineral, to a 95% confidence level. Galena doped with both silver and antimony as AgSbS2 shows no detectable effect. Antimony-doped galena followed the expected trend, but not to 95% confidence.The results are consistent with the theory that flotation by thiol-type anionic collectors is enhanced by p-type
Keywords: Metallurgy, Mineral processing, Silver, Antimony, Bismuth, Galena, Flotation, Solid solutions.