Economies of Primary Iron and Steel Production on the West Coast from Local Iron Ores via the "H-Iron" Direct Reduction Process

CIM Bulletin, 1963

Past attempts to establish an integrated steel industry on the West Coast of Canada have been unsuccessful for at least three reasons: (a) insufficient reserves of a suitable iron ore supply; (b) a relatively small local market for iron and steel; and (c) the non-availability of an economical process to produce primary iron on a small scale. Toda y, the reserves of economically mineable ore deposits are ample to support a steel production of 100,000 to 200,- 000 tons per annum. The local market has increased so as to be able to absorb most of this capacity. Within the next few years, a small integrated steel plant, including the "H-Iron" direct iron ore reduction process for electric furnace charge stock production, will be able to show a profitable operation.
Keywords: blast furnace, British Columbia Research, iron ore, plant, short tons, Iron, iron ore, Iron ores, Plants, Process, Processes, Production, steel, Steels