Economie Effects of Gas Export on Alberta

CIM Bulletin, 1958


WE RECENTLY completed a study for a client, who is an applicant to export gas from the Province of Alberta, on the effects of gas export on Alberta's economy. This study was part of the client's application before the Conservation Board, and, no doubt, sorne of you are familiar with it. Submissions by other applicants in earlier hearings before the Board and before the Royal Commission on Energy, as weil as claims made by parties opposing export, have also brought forward a number of other opmwns regarding possible economie effects. Ali of these studies have been on a piecemeal basis. They have dealt with particular aspects of particular applications, and only indirectly and by inference with the ove rall question of gas export.
Keywords: Alberta, Alberta., Calgary, Canadian Montana, Eastern Canada, natural gas, Canadian, Cost, Costs, Economie, Exports, Fuel, Fuels, Markets, Projects