Earthquakes the Province and of Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1966

H.W. McGerrigle Technical Officer, Quebec Dept. af Natural Resources, Quebec, P.Q

The St. Lawrence Valley of Quebec lies in an earthquake danger zone, the main centers of which appear to be Murray Bay, Montreal and Quebec City. This paper compares conditions in this "earthquake zone" with those of other, currently more active, earthquake zones of the Earth, deals briefly with the mechanics of earth movements and outlines the means by which earthquakes are recorded. An account is then given of the earthquakes which have occurred in the Province of Quebec - from that of 1534-35 to the earthquake of 1925. A 50-year frequency cycle is implied. The general conclusion is that the 11robability of future earthquakes should be given more consideration in the construction of buildings in the St. Lawrence Valley region
Keywords: Damage, Fault, Faults, Landslides, Montreal, Montreal, Protection Agamst Earthquake Damage, Quebec City, St. Lawrence Valley, North, Quebec, Rock, Valley