Dynamics of Canadian coal supply

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 95, No. 1061, 2002

D.O. Downing

The 1990s saw enormous changes in the Canadian coal industry and the future promises to be no less turbulent. While the markets served by Canadian coal producers have changed and buying practices continue to evolve, the coal mining, or supply side, has also changed remarkably in response and now provides the basis for an interesting industry story. The dynamic situation in coal mining has led to some surprising outcomes and seemingly contradictory developments. This paper outlines the changes that have occurred, and which are still unfolding in Canadian coal mining, firstly, in terms of mining technology and productivity, secondly, in terms of corporate divestments, acquisitions and bankruptcies, and finally, in terms of resource development. The paper also outlines some plausible futures for the industry looking ahead.
Keywords: Coal mining, Supply, Technology, Productivity, Resource development