Dust-Sampling Research and Its Application to Mining

CIM Bulletin, 1969

G. KNIGHT, Research Scientist, Elliot Lake Laboratory, Mining Research Centre, Mines Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Elliot Lake, Ont.

Results of a program of dust research carried out at the Mines Branch Laboratory, Elliot Lake, indicate that dust-concentration estimates vary greatly, depending on the sampling instrument, the assessment technique and the properties of the dust cloud. The wide range of the ratio between the estimates by any pair of instruments shows that the correlation between the health hazard and dust-concentration estimates by most existing sampling instruments must be questionable. Important studies are being carried out to permit the definition of mine environments in more precise technical terms. The influence of size selection, the physical property measured, composition and sampling period on the assessment of the health hazard are discussed.
Keywords: Deposition, Dust, Dusty Industrie, Elliot Lake, Pneumoconiosis, silica, statistical regression, Health, Mine, Mines, particles, Research, Sampling