Drilling and Blasting at the Cassiar Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1965

T. L. Horsley Mine Superintendent, Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd., Cossiar, B.C.

This paper deals with the drilling and blasting methods employed at the Cassiar mine, which is located just south of the B.C.-Yukon border. It covers both the "pit" and " peak" mining operations. Specific problems, such as working in frozen ground, are discussed, and the breaking characteristics of the various rock formations are outlined. The paper concludes with a brief mention of the equipment used in t he operation, as well as an outline of the breaking costs.
Keywords: blasting, Cassiar, drilling and blasting, ore, rock, talus, Drilling, Ore, Ores, Pits, Rock, Rocks, Waste, Wastes