Dragline Application In Mountainous Terrain at Fording Coal

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 773, 1976

R. S. Jones, Planning Engineer, Fording Coal Limited. Elkford, B.C

Fording Coal Ltd. is now in its fifth year of a 15-year contract to supply S million long tons of clean coal per annum to its Japanese steel-making customers. The mine employs both conventional truck-shovel and unconventional "walking" dragline coal mining techniques in multiple-seam pits. This paper describes the present and future application of the 60-cu.-yd dragline and truck-shovel pre-strip-ping fleet in recovering 5- to 40-foot-thick coal seams in mountainous terrain. Deep blastholes, coal flow demands, spring "run-off", seam and inter-seam thrust faulting, limited seam outcrop data and regional faulting are a few of the problems encountered in this application. The author discusses these problems and their solutions as applied at Fording Coal Ltd.
Keywords: Coal mining, Fording Coal Limited, Draglines, Trucks, Shovels, Greenhills Range, Stripping, Open-pit mining.