Downhill Cable Belt Conveyor at Craigmont Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1965

J. M. Anderson Chief Engineer;  H. Y. Wilson Chief Electrician Craigmont Mines Ltd., Merritt, B.C.

The cable belt conveyor installation at Craigmont Mines Limited, Merritt, B.C., has the greatest one-stage vertical fall of any conveyor installed overland in Canada. Since the late summer of 1961, this conveyor has carried more than 5,000,000 tons of copper ore from open pit to concentrator site. When the conveyor is loaded, the drive motor acts as an induction generator, delivering power to an external circuit. This paper covers the selection, the operation, the performance statistics, and the installation and operating costs of this conveyor system.
Keywords: belt conveyor, conveyor system, Craigmont Mines Cable Belt, open pit, ore, Cables, conveyors, Cost, Costs, Installation, Motors, Ore, Ores