Distribution of the Saskatchewan Potash Beds

CIM Bulletin, 1967

S. R. L. Harding Executive Vice-President; H. A. Gorrell Chief Subsurface Geologist J. C. Sproule and Associates Ltd., Calgary, Alberta.

The potash beds in the Saskatchewan portion of the Williston Basin occur in the upper portion of the Prairie Evaporite formation of the Devonian Elk Point Group. They represent the late stage of a major evaporitic cycle. Two other evaporitic cycles are known in overlying beds, but these apparently never reached the stage of potash salt deposition. The basin in which salt deposition took place extended from the northwestern corner of Alberta southeastward across Saskatchewan into Manitoba, North Dakota and Montana. Deposition of potash salts was apparently restricted to the southeastern portion of the evaporite basin.
Keywords: Cycles, Deposition, Distribution, Evaporites, evaporitic, I.M.C. Potash Deposits, Middle Devonian Evaporite Profile, Middle Devonian Rocks, Southern Saskatchewan, formation, Maps, potash, Salt, Salts, Saskatchewan