Disrupting the Potash Industry: Gensource's Sustainable, Environmentally, and Socially Responsible Approach to Potash Mining


Mr Mike Ferguson, Mr Paul Neufeld

Gensource Potash Corporation (Gensource), a Saskatchewan-based junior potash development company, has a vision of a potash industry that is more open and behaves like a typical commodity market; it believes that by accomplishing this, demand for the product will grow, resulting in an improved situation for both producers and customers. To that end, Gensource intends to become a new producer in the potash industry and to do so in a different manner – by: being Cleaner (environmentally), being Cheaper (as compared to current CAPEX and OPEX metrics) and providing Choice (providing a new and independent source of supply for customers). Gensource’s aim is to break down the barriers that have stymied growth and advancement in an antiquated industry, through more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes that can produce potash economically in much smaller production streams. Combining the efficient selective solution mining extraction method (which results in no salt tailings nor brine structures on surface) with a direct-ship and vertically integrated business model, end-customers benefit through direct potash access at a reasonable and sustainable price. Gensource plans to disrupt and reshape the potash industry, by bringing their first small-scale, vertically integrated, environmentally friendly project, the Vanguard One project, to production.