Discovery of the Mount Wright Iron Iron Ore Deposit of Mines Co. Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1961


. The claims now held by Mount Wright Iron Mines Co. Limited were acquired by staking in 1956, 1957 and 1958, i.e., some time after the major deposits of the Quebec Cartier Mining and Normanville Mining Co. (formerly Quebec Cobalt & Exploration Ltd.) were already discovered and partly outlined. The choice of the location of the Mount Wright holdings was governed simply by the -availability of ground still open to staking and by its proximity to properties held by major iron companies. Mount Wright Iron Mines had no previous knowledge of the geology and no aeromagnetic results were available to it to guide the choice of areas to be staked. In order to explore the newly acquired claims it was decided to make a grid of widely spaced magnetic profiles on the ground rather than use aeromagnetics. This afforded the possibility of making some geological observations simultaneously with the geophysical measurements. The ore deposit was found in an area devoid of rock outcrops. Additional ground magnetometer measurements along lines 400 feet apart gave the general outline of the deposit which was investigated by 5 drill holes in August-September, 1959. The ore consists of 1/ 10 of an inch to 1-foot thick layers of crystallized hematite with a small proportion of magnetite interbedded in a very pure friable quartzite. The ore dips at 55 ° towards the north. The foot wall is formed by a garnetiferous basic gneiss while the hanging wall is pure quartzite. The bedding, as revealed by the drilling, is very regular. The ore is of excellent concentrating quality and purity. 147,- 000,000 tons of open pit ore are estimated
Keywords: Deposits, Iron, Iron Ore Industry, magnetometer, quartzite, Quebec, specularite, Mine, Mines, Mount Wright, Ore, Ores