Discovery, Geologic Setting and Style of Mineralization, Sam Goosly Deposit, B. C.

CIM Bulletin, 1972

CHARLES S. NEY, Chief Geologist, and JOHN M. ANDERSON, Project Manager, Kennco Explorations, (Western) Limited, Vancouver, B.C. ANDRE PANTELEYEV, Dept. of Geology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Sam Goosly prospect, 22 miles southeast of Houston, B.C. was discovered in 1967 through geochemical reconnaissance. Soil sampling interpreted with respect to an East-to-west ice movement led to drilling targets. Mineralization is in a window of rocks thought to be Hazelton Group surrounded by Tertiary volcanic rocks and intruded by two stocks separated by about one mile. A westerly quartz monzonite stock is dated 61.1 m.y. and an easterly gabbro-monzonite complex is dated 52.5 m.y. The Tertiary volcanics are trachyandesites shown by the B.C. Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources to be in part extrusive equivalents of the gabbro, and they overlie Hazelton rocks unc1mformably.
Keywords: chalcopyrite, gabbro, quartz monzonite, tuff, mineralization, quartz, Rock, Rocks, sulphide, Sulphides, Tuffs, Volcanic, Volcanics