Discovery and Exploration of the Poirier Ore Deposit

CIM Bulletin, 1964

J. B. Boniwell and  R. A. Dujardin Rio Tinto Canadian Exploration Ltd., Toronto, On

From the original detection by means of an airborne electromagnetic survey in 1959 to the start of underground development in 1963, the Poirier ore deposits have had a checkered exploration history, made up of its share of blind a11eys and tangential approaches, and incidentally encompassing the full range of emotions from wild optimism to quiet despair. Although this can be held to be far from an uncommon experience in mining exploration, it is believed that there is value in recording the events and assessing the various moves taken in the light of subsequent results. Details of the preliminary drilling are used as a frame of reference for the discussion. To complete the commentary, an up-to-date summary of the progress of underground development is given, and a critical comparison is made with predictions from surface drilling.
Keywords: airborne survey, conductor, copper, magnetometer, underground development, copper, Drilling, exploration, sulphide, Sulphides, Surveys, Systems