Diesel Emissions and Mine Ventilation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 791, 1978

D. B. Stewart, P. Mogan and E. D. Dainty, Research Scientists, Canadian Explosive Atmospheres Laboratory, Mining Research Laboratories, CANMET, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Canada

In the past few years, much effort has been spent in elucidating the impact of diesel engines on the mine environment. This paper summarizes diesel fundamentals, exhaust emissions and typical tailpipe concentrations. Mine sampling results and an evaluation of exhaust treatment systems are discussed. A review of changes in pollutant concentrations between the tailpipe and the mine exit is made and suggestions are given to reduce operator exposure to diesel contaminants.
Keywords: Environmental control, Underground mining, Diesel emissions, Ventilation, Exhaust systems, Pollution, Combustion products, Air sampling, Fume diluters, Water-bath conditoners, Catalytic purifiers.