Diesel-Electric Truck Haulage in the Berkeley Pit

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Alan D. Brown Assistant Open-Pit Foreman, Berkeley Pit, The Anaconda Company, Butte, Montana

Diesel-electric trucks are those that have some portion of the conventional mechanical drive train replaced by electrical colll ponents. As larger and more powerful diesel engines appeared, the development of mechanical transmissions and related drive components failed to keep pace, and electrical generators and drive motors therefore came into use as an efficient means of transferring the . mechanical energy of the engine to the driving wheels of the vehicle. The Berkeley Pit has been a major testing ground for the evolution of this type of truck. We now operate a haulage fleet consisting of conventional diesel trucks and two different types of diesel-electric trucks. Therefore, we have been able to obtain an interesting comparison of costs and performances between these three types of haulage units. In all phases of operation, the diesel-electric truck commands a favourable advantage over the conventional diesel truck, and represents a more efficient and less costly means of haulage. Nearly all manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks are now building, or have plans to build, such a truck
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