Diesel-Electric Truck Haulage Improved Through Trolley Assist

CIM Bulletin, 1972

REJEAN GAGNON, Mine Superintendent, FERNAND ROCHEFORT, Project Coordinator - Concentrator and General Facilities, Mount Wright, Quebec Cartier Mining Company

Haulage costs, in most operations, represent a large portion of total cost. Quebec Cartier Mining Company came to the conclusion t hat an electric trolley assist providing more horsepower than available from dieselgenerator sets presented the best opportunity for improvement. Accordingly, a testing and development program was carried out which resulted in the design, installation and application of a practical system. This paper describes the development of the system, the equipment used as well as the actual operation. A projection is also made to indicate further improvement in productivity. A comparison is made of truck operating data before and after activation of the trolley assist system in order to determine its economic impact.
Keywords: bus bar, diesel engine, open-pit, Quebec Cartier, Trolley Off Trolley Diff., Haulage, Mine, Mines, Operation, Ore, Systems, Truck, Trucks