Dewatering Brunswick concentrates by pressure filtration

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 843, 1982

J.E. NESSET, Metallurgical Project Engineer, Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corp. Limited, Bathurst, New Brunswick

As an alternative to conventional dewatering by vacuum filtration and oil-fired rotary dryers, Brunswick Mining conducted extensive pilot-scale testwork on its copper, lead, zinc and bulk concentrates using a Larox Oy (Finland) automatic pressure filter. The results showed that pressure filtration readily produced final cake moistures of 6-8.5 per cent on this very fine sulphide material.An in-depth analysis examines pressure filtration in terms of metallurgical performance and projects energy savings of 78 per cent for pressure filters over the current dewatering operation. Potential energy and operating cost reductions are also estimated.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Brunswick Mining, Concentrates, Filtration, Pressure filtration, Dewatering, Pumping, Pressing, Energy savings.