Dewatering an Abandoned Colliery

CIM Bulletin, 1952


Dominion No. 17 Colliery, of the Dominion Coal Company, Limited, is located in the district of New Victoria, N .S., at the entrance to Sydney harbour. This Colliery was opened in 1882 to work a submarine area of the Harbour seam (see Figure 1). It was closed in 1921 and the mine, which has a make of water of proximately 250 gallons per minute, was allowed to fill. No. 18 Colliery, situated almost a mile to the east, was opened in 1938 to work the Phalen seam in this area with the intention, later of driving a cross-measure tunnel to mine the section of the Harbour seam lying between No. 17 Colliery and the Princess Colliery of the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Company, Limited.
Keywords: 10 feet, borehole, grouted, Springhill, static pressure, Bits, Boreholes, Coal, Drill, Drilling, Drills, Pipe, Pressure, Water, Waters