Developments in Dust Collection Equipment

CIM Bulletin, 1962

. THE metallurgical industry has purchased more than sixty per cent of the industrial gas cleaning equipment installed in Canada. This includes cyclonic collectors, scrubbe rs, cloth filters and Cottrell Precipitators. These are the p rincipal types of equipment which are used commercially for the cleaning of gases which result from the processing of iron, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, gold, gypsum and aluminum ores. The recove red dust, which usually contains metal values, is returned to the process. The cost of the equipment is thus economically justified. This is in contrast to other industries, such as those involving steam power generation, asbestos, cement and lime production, where, though dust collection equipment is extensively used, it is installed primarily for nuisance abatement. Communities are becoming more and more conscious of air pollution, new and more stringent legislation is being enacted, and, for other than economic reasons the smelting industry will eventual~ ly be required to install more effici ent gas cleaning equipment. This pape r will comprise a general discussion of t he above types of collectors, including operational principles, limitations and recent technical developments.
Keywords: centrifugal, cloth filter, lection, pressure drop, specific gravity, Development, Developments, Dust, Efficiency, Equipment, Filters, Precipitators, Pressure, Tubes