Developments in Coal Mining - 1969

CIM Bulletin, 1970

H. ZORYCHTA, Research Scientist, Elliot Lake Laboratory, Mining Research Centre, Mines Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Elliot Lake, Ontario

The outlook for Eastern Canada is decreased coal production and for Western Canada increased production. The market for Western coal is expected to reach 40 million tons per year in metallurgical and thermal-power markets. Technical developments in Eastern Canada include successful methane drainage experiments, modifications to the shearer-loader to improve cutting rates, mechanized mining of a tail-gate stable and mechanical stowage of level brushing. ln Western Canada, the most modern equipment is used in mining, beneficiating and shipping coal. Underground hydraulic experiments were started in 1969. The importance of reclamation was recognized and plans have been made to re-vegetate disturbed areas and mine dumps. The Mining Research Centre closed the field office in Nova Scotia and is preparing to open a new field office in Calgary, Alberta.
Keywords: Bras d'Or Coal Company Limited, Canada, colliery, Elliot Lake, strip mine, Coal, Limited, Mine, Mines, mining, Production, Research, Resources