Development of the Science of Grinding

CIM Bulletin, 1952


In the following discussion, the work of present-day investigators on grinding fundamentals is submitted as grindng criberia. These criteria comprise: (1) Power (2) Grindability (3) 'Eighty per cent passing n. mesh' (4) Total work input (0) Bond's work index as a measure of comparative grinding efficiencies (6) Work index as a function of grindabHity (7) Grindability as a function of '80 per cent passing n-mesh' Finally, in his last chapter, the writer offers the concept -of thermodynamic criteria in grinding. This concept is not a new one, having already been advanced by several previous investigators. However, the writer is formulating this concept as a mathematical law, hoping that the analysis and criticism of his reasoning by grinding investigators will finally lead to the establishment of grinding as a full-grown member of the family of natural sciences.
Keywords: Ball Milling, comminution, grinding, mechanical efficiency, microns, comminution, Grinding, Mill, Mills, Ore, Ores