Development of Process Computer Control For Sherritt's Ruttan Concentrator

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 777, 1977

G, M. Hughes, Mill Superintendent, and R. W. Dunn, General Mill Foreman, Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited, Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

Currently installed analogue instrumentation devices at Sherritt's Ruttan Concentrator control and/or measure mill tonnages, grind, pH, density, some reagent and slurry flows, and cell levels. On-stream analysis is used to assay the main process streams. The history of development of process control is reviewed from startup to the present stage of selection of a process control computer. A pragmatic approach has been taken to process control to ensure compatibility with the needs and resources of Ruttan. Emphasis is made of the need to have the mill performing well from a mechanical and instrumentation point of view and to have operator acceptance of the computer through training. Plans for the computer phase to achieve these objectives are outlined.
Keywords: Process control, Computers, Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd., Ruttan concentrator, Concentrators, Crushing, Grinding, Flotation, Dewatering.