Development of 'Post' Pillar Mining At Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1973

ROY S. CLELAND and K. H. SINGH, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited, Nickel Division - Sudbury Operations, Falconbridge, Ontario

The introduction of 'post' pillar mining at the Strathcona mine represents a new approach to ground support in cut-and-fill applications. The method has also shown significant economic advantages. It is believed that the development of this concept is one of the few examples where rock mechanics principles have successfully been applied in the development of a stoping method. The paper describes the evolution of this method and contains discussions on the theoretical analysis of the technical, operational and economics aspects of the system. Pillar design procedures and field observations on the practical application of theoretical analysis are also outlined.
Keywords: breccia, norite, pillar, rock mechanics, stope, mining, Ore, pillar, Pillars, rock mechanics, stope, stopes