Development of an Automated Potentiometric Titrator for the Study of Surface Electric Phenomena

CIM Bulletin, 1969

L. L. SIROIS, Head, Metallic Minerals Research Laboratory; G. E. ALEXANDER; A. P. PAGE; A. A. WINER, Mineral Processing Division, Mines Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ont.

A knowledge of the electrical surface characteristics of minerals is all-important in the choice of treatments to up-grade and beneficiate them. At their solid-liquid contacts, there are transfers of ionic species, which for insoluble oxide minerals are the H+ and OH- ions. The adsorption density of these ions can be detected by carrying out potentiometric titrations, and this paper describes the automation of such an apparatus. The details are discussed fully and the validity of the method is demonstrated by flotation tests.
Keywords: Acid, Additions, Adsorption, mineral, minerals, OH-adsorption, ph meter, streaming potential, titration, Ottawa, Oxide, pH, Power supply