Development of •a Combination Shaft and Electric Furnace

CIM Bulletin, 1968

R. A. CAMPBELL, Senior Scientific Officer, G. V. SIRIANNI, G. N. BANKS and R. L. SACHDEVA, Scientific Officers, G. E. VIENS, Head, Pyrometallurgy Section, Extraction Metallurgy Division, Mines Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ont.

A combined shaft-electric furnace for the smelting of ores and the melting of metallized iron pellets is being developed. The materials are preheated, and in some cases pre-reduced, in the shaft before being transferred to the electric furnace, where melting or smelting is completed • It has been demonstrated that this combination of equipment will enable much of the relatively expensive electrical energy to be replaced by cheaper energy in the form of oil or natural gas, and preliminary experiments indicate that the total energy requirements for a melting or smelting operation are significantly reduced. Projections based on results obtained from the preliminary experiments indicate that further improvements will be possible when certain modifications to the equipment are completed
Keywords: blast furnace, ilmenite, iron oxide, kWh, Shaft-Electric Furnace Bas, energy, Furnaces, Iron, Ores, Pellets, Process, Processes, Shafts, Temperature