Development and Production at The Lingan Mine, Cape Breton Island

CIM Bulletin, 1973

J. C. MARSH, Mine Manager, G. HARTLEY, Project Engineer, J. TOMPKINS, W. LEBLANC and D. KETTLE, Engineers,

The Lingan Mine is t he newest of t he fo ur operating collieries of the Cape Breton Development Corporation and is located on the east coast of Cape Breton Island. Development of slopes began in 1969 using four Dosco Roadheaders. Production commenced in October 1972, when a partial extraction section utilizing a continuous miner, loader and shuttle car was installed. A second Joy unit is scheduled to begin production early in 1973. This paper describes the production and development operations, the ventilation system and the equipment in use at t he mine.
Keywords: Cape Breton Development Corporation, Cape Breton Island, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, National Coal Board, room and pillar, Coal, conveyors, Development, Developments, Fans, mining, Nova Scotia, Slopes