Developing and Equipping No. 4 Winze, San Antonio Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1949


THE San Antonio mine is on the north shore of Rice lake, thirty miles east of lake Winnipeg and 120 miles northeast of the city of Winnipeg. Since production was started in 1932, about 2,000,000 tons of ore have been mined . Currently in progress is an extensive development programme which involves 11,500 feet of crosscuts, 3,800 feet of raises, 1,753 feet of shaft sinking, and 160,000 cubic feet of slashing, all in footwall waste rock. It is the purpose of this paper to indicate the necessity for this work and to describe the methods employed to carry it out.
Keywords: Air, Gunite, headframe, main belt, ore, winze, Hoists, Ore, Ores, Raises, Shafts, steel, Steels