Design of dewatering circuits in oil sand plants by utilizing a hydrocyclone model simulation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1073, 2003

A.I.A. Salama

The CANMET Western Research Centre (CWRC) has developed a hydrocyclone model simulation of dewatering and fine particle separation circuits. The simulation is based on an existing empirical model. Utilizing a cyclone manufacturer’s published data, some modifications have been developed and integrated into the model. Feed stream characteristics, cyclone mechanical dimensions, and operating conditions are used in the CWRC modelling simulation. The computer results are presented in 3D graphs and corresponding 2D maps showing the cyclone mass recovery, percent solids by mass in underflow and overflow, and cut size as functions of the cyclone apex diameter and cyclone throughput (i.e., inlet pressure or pressure drop). Results of the computer simulation have been used in the economic feasibility and design of several dewatering circuits in oil sand plants.
Keywords: Dewatering circuits, Hydrocyclone model simulation, Oil sands, CANMET Western Research Centre (CWRC)