Design Considerations for Modern Shaft Linings

CIM Bulletin, 1973

WITOLD J. S. OSTROWSKI, Peter Kiewit Sons' Co .. Omaha, Nebraska

The shaft structure being part of an underground mine, depends on programmed functional duties, and on geological and hydrological conditions. The majority of Canadian metal mine shafts are in hard competent igneous rocks, which are in an elastic state of equilibrium around the excavation. Others penetrate soft sedimentary or very weak water-bearing rock formations in which the equilibrium varies from plastic to hydrostatic. Knowledge of how to interpret the underground conditions, determine acting forces and design proper structures is essential for the production and safety of the future mine.
Keywords: cast iron, compressive strength, elastic rock, Reinforced concrete, rock formation, Concrete, formation, Lining, Linings, Pressure, Rock, Rocks, Shafts, steel, stress