Design Aspects of Ground Consolidation by the Freezing Method for Shaft Sinking in Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin, 1967

Witold J. S. Ostrowski Patrick Harrison & Company Ltd., Toronto, Ontario.

Stabilization of water-bearing sediments by the freezing method for shaft sinking has been used for over 80 years on the European Continent. The real application of this method in Canada started with the development of the potash mines in Saskatchewan during the past fifteen years. The great depth to which it is applied creates a number of problems which have to be seriously considered by engineers in order to produce a safe and economical design. Freezing depth, thickness of the ice wall, number of the freeze holes, capacity of the freezing plant, pre-freezing time, etc., are the most important points which have to be established. Recent field experience in freezing to great depth in the Saskatchewan area is immensely interesting and important for further development of our potash mining and the application of the freezing method.