Design and selection of equipment for deep underground mine pumping systems

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 823, 1980

M.J. DAVIE Manager of Mining, D.S. ROSS, Chief Mechanical Engineer Kilborn Limited, Toronto, Ontario

The successful design of a new mine water pumping system is in part dependent upon the accuracy with which the operating conditions can be forecast. This paper outlines the data which should be obtained on water quantity and quality. Methods of modifying the quality are also discussed. Some pumping systems for disposal of sludge are described, citing operating examples. The various types of mine dewatering pumps are described in terms of design characteristics as they affect operating efficiency and installation and maintenance costs. Piping system parameters are outlined. Finally, a hypothetical case study of pumping from a depth of 3,000 ft is assessed, with particular reference to capital costs.
Keywords: Equipment, Underground mining, Pumps, Dewatering, Sludge disposal, Corrosion, Drainage, Thompson Mine.