Design and Commissioning of Commercial Coal Preheating Plants

CIM Bulletin, 1972

R. H. CHAMBERS and L. ALDERMAN, Simon-Carves Limited, Stockport, England

The paper is introduced by an examination of the factors which have led to the present world-wide interest in charging preheated coal to coke ovens. Various possible methods of preheating and charging the coal are considered and reasons are given for the adoption of the methods chosen. The design of the pilot preheating plant for the British Coke Research Association is discussed and its influence on the design of the commercial units for th.e South African Iron and Steel Corporation's plant at Pretoria and the British Steel Corporation's plant at Beighton are explained. Operating procedures on the pilot plant are described, particularly with regard to the charging of the preheated coal. Design features of the commercial installations, engineered by Simon-Carves Ltd., are explained with emphasis on the built-in safety of the control system of the preheating plant, and the particular problems associated with the erection of such plants on working coke oven batteries.
Keywords: Birchenwood Coal, coke oven, inert gas, plant, rotary valve, Coal, Coke, Cokes, Design, Fans, Plants, Process, Processes, Systems, Temperature