Density and Porosity Concepts for Asbestos and Other Minerals

CIM Bulletin, 1972

M. COSSETTE, Director, QAMA Testing Research Laboratory; P. C. AITCIN, Associate Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec

At present there is considerable confusion in the asbestos industry with regard to density and porosity measurements of asbestos. In order to clarify the situation, various notions of porosity and density are defined by means of simple schemes and clear symbols are proposed to denote them. An experimental procedure is then proposed and outlined, which is based upon Archimedes' principle. Experimental conditions at each stage of the method are explained clearly in order to minimize the opportunity for errors. Finally, the results of a study on the porosity and density of asbestos minerals having various characteristics are presented.
Keywords: Archimedes' principle, asbestos, granular material, porosity, University of Sherbrooke, Asbestos, Density, Granular materials, Materials, mineral, minerals, Porosity, Water, Waters