Densadeg Clarifier for Metals Removal of Contaminated Mine Water


Evan Claytor, Suez

The Densadeg Clarifier is a high rate versatile clarifier which is well suited for removal of metals, TSS and other contaminants from waste water streams in a mine site.  The presentation overviews the operation, design and function of the Densadeg Clarifier.  Target applications such as metals removal, softening and general TSS will be discussed in context with how the clarifier discharge meets MMER.  We will look at how the Densadeg fits into an overall systems treatment approach with or without sludge management and with or without downstream filtration.  Lastly we will review several case studies specific to treating mining waste streams.
Keywords: Water, Water Treatment, Clarification, Densadeg, Metals Removal, Tailings Pond Treatment, Waste Water Treatment