De-leading a Copper Concentrate

CIM Bulletin, 1953


THE ORES treated at the concentrator of the Britannia Mining and Smelting Company, Limited, Britannia Beach, B.C., have always contained some lead, but it was not until 1.950 that the combination of lead headings and lead price was such that recovery of this metal at Britannia 'became wortl while. In that year, with the mining of a new orebody, the lead in the mill feed was raised from 0.07 per cent to 0.15 per cent. Chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and pyrite concentrates are produced by flotation at Britannia, and 95 per cent of the lead in the mill feed reports with the chalcopyrite concentrate, so that the rise in lead headings was reflected almost wholly in the lead content of the copper concentrate.
Keywords: chalcopyrite, copper, Sodium Cyanide, sphalerite, sulphur dioxide, Concentrate, Concentrates, copper, Copper concentrate, Copper concentrates, flotation, Gold, Lead