Cymet Process-Hydrometallurgical Conversion of Base-Metal Sulphides to Pure Metals

CIM Bulletin, 1973

P. R. KRUESI, E. S. ALLEN and J. L. LAKE, Cyprus Metallurgical Processes Corporation, Los Angeles, California

An electrochemical process is described for converting concentrates of base-metal sulphides to the corresponding pure metals and elemental sulphur. The application of t he process to chalcopyrite is discussed. The process is also of potential interest in processing copper-nickel sulphides, and laboratory data concerning this potential are presented. The process creates neither air nor water pollution.
Keywords: Chalcopyrite, chalcopyrite, Copper-Nickel Matte, ferric chloride, sulphur, Chloride, Concentrate, Concentrates, copper, Iron, Process, Processes, sulphur