Cultivator shank manufacture and evaluation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 837, 1982

D.G. BELLOW University of Alberta, R.W. PUGH Stelco Inc., Edmonton, Alberta

This paper will describe how cultivator shanks are made in one company and how the manufacturing was studied with a view to increasing product consistency and reducing manufacturing cost. The product, which is used extensively in the agriculture industry, was analyzed to determine which geometric parameters optimized its design and whether there was justification for the great variety of styles and shapes that are available in the market. Finally, an extensive series of field trials were undertaken which showed that it is advantageous to the manufacturer to be better aware of the loads and forces that his product is subjected to by another industry.
Keywords: Technology, Cultivator shanks, Stelco, University of Alberta, Manufacturing, Tensile stress, Steel.