Criterion of Comminution

CIM Bulletin, 1972

K. JOMOTO, Graduate Student, and H. MAJIMA, Professor (at time of writing), Department of Mineral Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Experimental work has been attempted to find a useful criterion of comminution which can be determined simply in a laboratory. The suitability of the ratio of the square of tensile strength to Young's modulus, St2/E, previously derived from the theory of elasticity as a criterion of comminution, was examined measuring tensile strength, Young's modulus and critical height for drop-weight impact of five different rocks. However, satisfactory correlation between Stope and critical height has not been obtained, suggesting the necessity of further experimental verification of the representative value of Young's modulus of rocks.
Keywords: comminution, comminution, Poisson's ratio, tensile strength, University of British Columbia, Young's Modulus, energy, Impact, Impacts, Rock, Rocks, Tensile strength, test, Tests