Core Box Photography System – Practical Innovations for Capturing Better Images


Ms Deb Shewfelt (Senior Geologist, Director of Workforce Development - North Rim / RESPEC), NA Kadin Majcher ( - North Rim / RESPEC), NA Shaunti Bergen ( - North Rim / RESPEC)

Capturing and archiving quality drill core images can be a tricky endeavor – especially in the field. As a significant portion of any exploration or delineation drill program is spent acquiring drill core from the subsurface, its preservation through digital photography is paramount. However, core photo quality can suffer due to unpredictable or subpar lighting, camera positioning and a litany of other constraints; data archiving efforts can most times also be improved upon. This talk introduces an innovative, portable drill core photography system that, with the support of smart phone camera software, can elevate the quality of photos taken in the field or in a laboratory environment. The process of migrating digital photos from smart phone to a database that automatically feeds a digital core photo template for comprehensive data archiving will be examined. This industry-academia collaboration project between RESPEC Saskatoon (formerly North Rim) and the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Saskatchewan integrates engineering, science and innovation that supports a common resource industry activity.