Copper tuyeres with integrally cast copper tubing

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 842, 1982

J.L. DION Physical Metallurgy Research Laboratories, Foundry Section, CANMET, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, Ottawa

A study of the techniques to integrally cast copper tubes in copper tuyeres for use in blast furnaces has been carried out. The work has been performed in support of current efforts to produce two-compartment tuyeres having improved water-cooling capacity. A test pattern corresponding to a vertical section of a two-compartment tuyere, and including a cast-in-place copper tube, was used to investigate such variables as tube preparation, tube coolant, pouring temperature, pouring rate and gating design. Successful castings, either with a good metallurgical bond or good intimate contact between the tube and the casting, were produced, with all combinations of gating system and position of the tube tried. However, the pouring temperature, the pouring rate and the effectiveness of the coolant are interrelated and must be controlled to produce a good metallurgical bond.
Keywords: Castings, Copper castings, Iron, Steel, Tuyeres, Tubes, Gating systems, Coolants, Bonding, Blast Furnaces.