Copper sulphide depression with thioglycollate or trithiocarbonate

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 872, 1984

GORDON E. AGAR Section Head, Mineral Processing, Inco Limited Mississauga, Ontario

The effectiveness of two thio compounds for copper sulphide depression in molybdenite flotation has been examined with batch bench scale tests. Both thioglycollate and trithiocarbonate proved to be good depressants producing results similar to those for cyanide and hydrosulphide. Ferrocyanide was ineffective on the sample material tested. The depressing effect of thioglycollate was readily reversed by an addition of xanthate.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Flotation, Copper sulphides, Sodium cyanide, Ferrocyanide, Sodium hydrosulphide