Copper in Galena and Its Effect on Flotation Properties

CIM Bulletin, 1973

H. G. ANSELL, Mineralogist, Geological Survey of Canada R. S. BOORMAN, Research Mineralogist, New Brunswick Research and Product ivity Council, Fredericton, N.B.

Poor separation of lead from a copper concentrate of a major base metal producer was thought to have resulted from copper (0.2-0.4%) in the galena which caused it to float with chalcopyrite. No inclusions of copper mineral were detected which could account for t he flotation of galena. ( The tendency for copper-bearing galena to float with chalcopyrite was confirmed by Hallimond-tube experiments in which t he floatability of copper-doped synthetic galena (0.1-0.4% Cu) was approximately four times as high as copper-free galena. The difference in the cell edge (5.9338 ± 0.0003 A, Cudoped galena; 5.9361 ± 0.0002 A, Cu-free galena) indicated that the copper was lattice-bound and did not occur as submicroscopic mineral inclusions.
Keywords: Chalcopyrite, chalcopyrite, copper, galena, Range Pure undoped PbS ., copper, experiment, flotation, Galena, mineral, minerals