Conversion from Open Pit to Underground Mining at the Munro Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1960

THIS PAPER will trace the work done in bringing the Munro underground "A" Orebody into production to replace the open pit, which was scheduled to be completed early in 1959. Included will be an outline of the exploration work and early planning, and of the final decisions on mining methods. Some of the more detailed work will be described and reasons will be given for the decisions made regarding development work, mine ventilation, ground support, and equipment. Brief mention will be made of open pit operations, as these have had some influence on underground development. Also, some of the main geological features of the ore occurrence will be descri0bed, as these had to be taken into consideration when making decisions on ore development and mining methods.
Keywords: Drifts, Haulage, Mine, Mines, open pit, ore, stope, underground mining, west end, Ore, Ores, Shafts, Underground