Control Feeding of Ores By Natural-Frequency Machines

CIM Bulletin, 1972

A. MUSSCHOOT, President, General Kinematics Corporation, Barrington, Illinois, U.S .A.

The paper will review general types and designs of vibratory feeders, describing briefly the design features and characteristics that apply to the application of specific types. Control considerations for selecting types will be discussed, such as fixed or adjustable, manual or automatic, individual or multiple bank, and process requirements. Design parameters for hopper openings and installation geometry will be discussed, including consideration of material size distribution, segregation, moisture content and other characteristics, based on practical applications and experience as well as theory. Pan designs and the selection of pan materials will also be discussed with reference to wear, corrosion, impact and practical economic factors.
Keywords: Applications, Control, Controls, Design, exciter, Feeder Size, Slope, Hopper Bottom, natural frequency, pressure vessel, Feeders, Materials, Pans, Systems